Health 7 Safety in Construction

CDM 2015 – Client’s Duties

As a client in either a domestic or commercial project you have certain duties relating to Health & Safety Regulations (CDM 2015).

Details of your duties are set out in the Guidance on 2015 Regulations, published by the Health and Safety Executive, available at as a free download. It is important that you familiarise yourself with these regulations, not only as you have a general duty of care in health and safety terms, but because non-compliance with these regulations is a criminal offence.

In particular, you should refer to Part 2 ‘Client Duties’ in the Guidance to the Regulations.

  • Reg 4 Client Duties in relation to managing projects
  • Reg 5 Appointment of the Principal Designer and the Principal Contractor
  • Reg 6 Notification
  • Reg 7 Application to Domestic Clients

These are summarised in the HSE guidance as follows –

  • Make suitable arrangements for managing a project. This includes making sure:
  • other dutyholders are appointed;
  • sufficient time and resources are allocated
  • relevant information is prepared and provided to other dutyholders;
  • the Principal Designer and Principal Contractor carry out their duties; • welfare facilities are provided. See paragraphs 23–52 for more guidance.
  • domestic clients are people who have construction work carried out on their own home, or the home of a family member that is not done as part of a business, whether for profit or not. Domestic clients are in the scope of CDM 2015, but their duties as a client are normally transferred to:
  • the contractor, on a single contractor project; or;
  • the Principal Contractor, on a project involving more than one contractor. However, the domestic client can choose to have a written agreement with the Principal Designer to carry out the client duties. See paragraphs 53–56 for more guidance.